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I have the pleasure of welcoming you to the website of the Samoa Law Reform Commission.

The Samoa Law Reform Commission was established in 2008 for the review, reform and development of the laws of Samoa, in order to promote Samoan custom and traditions, enhance the social, cultural, economic and commercial development of Samoa, and ensure that the laws of Samoa are kept in a modern state which meets the needs of Government and the community.

Under the Samoa Law Reform Commission Act 2008, the Commission researches and analyses areas of law referred to it by the Prime Minister, Cabinet or the Attorney General and report its recommendations for reform to the Prime Minister and the Attorney General. It advises Government Ministries and agencies on the manner or content of reviews of the law conducted by those Ministries and agencies, and consults with and advises the public (and any specific sectors of the community) about its work. It publicises its work, conducts public hearings, and seeks comments from the public on its reforms. All its Final Reports are laid before the Legislative Assembly.

The Commission is enthusiastic and ready for the many challenges ahead. Meet the staff, read their Reports and most importantly give them feedback to help them make the laws of Samoa workable and relevant.

Ma lo’u faaaloalo lava,




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