• Name: Tausala Fruean
  • University: University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand)
  • Degree: Double degree in Law & Arts
  • Intern Date: Nov - Dec, 2016

Talofa lava, my name is Tausala and I am currently in my third year of studying a double degree in Law and Arts at the University of Otago in New Zealand. This Christmas holiday, I got the opportunity to intern at one of the best offices in Samoa- the Samoa Law Reform Commission. Being full Samoan and having lived here all my life I found it easy to settle into the Commission’s office culture. However, when you have mentors and colleagues like those at the Commission I don’t see how anyone could find trouble settling in.

Throughout my internship I carried out extensive research on a range of matters pertaining to different projects including the Samoa Civil Procedure Rules, Samoa Narcotics Act Review, and Pule a le Matai Sa’o Review. My work on these different projects enabled me to explore different areas of law and also get an idea of an area of law that I would like to specialize in, in the future – which was my aim coming into the internship.

During my four weeks at the Commission I learnt so many things such as how to write memorandums, conduct consultations as well as develop my legal research skills. What really made my internship though were the people. From the administration and legal staff to the Executive Director, everyone was so welcoming and understanding of the fact that I was still quite new to the study of law.

This internship has made me a better law student and one day I hope to return to Samoa and contribute to developing its legal system, just like what the Samoa Law Reform Commission does every day